Caricature from Oil Man by Namgoongu


Welcome! My name is Da Woon "DW" Jung. In the future, this will be the home of T.R.I., a project for futurists. Right now I am looking for a job (yes, again).

Hong Kong Harbour

I am an alum of Brown University. Before then, I lived in Hong Kong during the Reagan years. Both of them are great places! (but stay away from physics) Here is my résumé (updated:Jun 03 2004).

Library Render

I am into computer graphics and film special effects. I do a mean bit of coding too. My recent work is a program for Mac OS X called AutoGraf, and I've ported Emu48 to OS X. In my spare time, I rely on Time Warner (no more AOL--it's got the boot), Dubya, and Call Of Duty to keep me amused.

Scud Missile

You may have seen Starship Troopers, read Robert Heinlein's original featuring powered suits, or played Battlefield 1942. Well, I've done them all and I've earned my four stripes from the real life Army fighting "buggers."